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5 Attractive Hotels for Family Staycation this 2019

Family vacations have already evolved as time went by. Gone are the days of boring outdoor cabins by the lake or hiking trips

Although kids wouldn’t appreciate those kinds of efforts made by their parents in order spend quality time with them, these has drastically changed through the years.

Staycations have already been a thing in 2018 and it is expected to reach another level this 2019.

Prepare yourself for the best long weekend or holiday staycation this year with these six attractive hotels for family staycation.

1.      Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts

You know what’s cool about Nickelodeon? We adults definitely grew up watching it and it is still alive and kicking until the present day for our kids to enjoy.

What’s better is the fact that you can actually enjoy a mix of Caribbean paradise and loads of cool stuff in Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

This budget-friendly hotel has a theme park vibe to it with all the cool stuff that made us enjoy Nickelodeon all those years. Why not share the same thrill and excitement with the kids right?

Its location makes rates a lot more feasible than those huge name kid-friendly hotels in Florida.

There are loads of activities structured for the perfect family bonding experience which makes it worth the money. Not only do kids play but also learn through fun science experiments.

From fun pool activities to huge water slides, this Nickelodeon resort makes sure your family enjoys your stay from check-in to check-out.

2.      Legoland Hotel USA

Talk about defining childhood or even for some, adulthood as well. Lego has definitely become part of each and everyone’s lives.

Whether it is a child’s first dive into creativity or an adult’s pastime, it is in these small plastic blocks that we connect that we find enjoying.

If you are looking to experience the entire Lego structures you build in life form, you can visit either Carlsbad, California or Winter Haven, Florida for that.

To those who played with Lego once in their lives, you are definitely familiar with “Legoland.” You see them advertised every now and then on those paper manuals included inside a Lego series.

Want a unique family staycation? the Legoland Hotel is definitely a place that would live up to it. The hotel has Lego literally everywhere from its Lego-themed rooms to its recreation areas.

There is always fun in creativity alone but add Lego-themed activities? One visit might not be enough for a lifetime.

3.      Red Cliffs Lodge

If you are looking for a place to “giddy up” to the Wild Wild West, there is a hotel which may not be there geographically but still give you that.

The Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah is a fascinating spot where the theme of the entire place are Cowboys and Ranches in a hotel.

The stunning views at the place are a winner. All you have to do is rent out a River Cabin and feast your eyes with the amazing Colorado River.

If you are into renting out houses in the middle of nowhere, you will definitely enjoy it just the same at Red Cliffs Lodge. Your kids will definitely thank you for the upgrade on an outdoor adventure as well.

4.      Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach

As much action as the film Spy Kids has, it is still a family-oriented film. The movie has deep emphasis on Latin American culture and practices.

The reason we are telling you that is because the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach has that same vibe. A stay in this hotel in Cancun, Mexico will remind you of Carmen and Juni’s adventures.

They have clubs that are full of techno-themed stuff that will attract the kids to keep busy. It also challenges your inner taste for rave if you are an adult.

You can still enjoy this wonderful hotel without the techno stuff as the hotel is at the Caribbean side of Mexico which means the clearest blue beaches and amazing night skies.

5.      Four Seasons Hotel

It’s now time to travel to Europe at the south coast of England in Hampshire where the Four Seasons Hotel lies.

This hotel provides a budget-friendly way to experience British elegance whilst appreciating its great architecture and ambience.

Boasting one of the nicest accommodations in England, the Four Seasons Hotel gives you a breath of fresh air as you start to appreciate England outside London and Manchester.

It may be far from the usual up-tempo resorts and theme parks but that’s just how the hotel wants it to be.

What will make it interesting for the kids is the “Own a Pony for a Day” and “Kids for all Seasons” programs.

You will definitely appreciate this type of vacation even though it might not be your cup of tea. Oh wait… you can literally enjoy one while watching your kids play around the green lawns.

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Best Asian Food

5 Best Food Stops in Southeast Asia

Some people travel for the sole purpose of experiencing food over a destination’s history and activities.

It is wanderlust for them to be able to taste the unique and different kinds of food and delicacies that a certain culture or nation have in their place.

Cultural and historical tours are still a thing but for the food lover, they might be booking flights or go on driving nights just to experience the food elsewhere.

Who can blame them for wanting to explore unique cuisines? Street foods and authentic cuisines are definitely a winner as we look at the six best food stops in Southeast Asia.

1.      Binondo, Manila

The Philippines may have one of the best authentic Chinese flavors in Southeast Asia.

This is due to the fact that the country is heavily populated by the Chinese, who also play a huge role in the country’s economy.

The Manila Chinatown in the area of Binondo is definitely a must-visit if you are in the country’s capital. Most foreigners love to stop by this small town that hosts the biggest Chinese community in the country.

One of the best restaurants in Binondo is La Zhou La Mien, which serves a variety of noodles that will leave you full for an entire day of walking along Binondo’s busy streets.

Dong Bei Dumplings is a gem when it comes to dumplings. It is located at one of Binondo’s lesser busy streets but it is one of the more visited ones due to their Kuchai and Vegetarian Dumplings.

Some restaurants in the area have shared family recipes that have been passed down upon generations, and can only be found in this side of Manila.

Budget is not an issue because whatever money you have allotted for food is most likely more than enough to fill you up for a whole day of touring.

2.      George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia has a rich food scene due in part to the city’s cultural diversity.

George Town alone is a living example of Penang’s long history immigration, which brought an influx of recipe ideas from its Chinese, Indian, and European inhabitants.

Due to its diversity, Penang has one of the best Asian cuisine in the world. Their best seller is the Penang Laksa, which is made of a soup base of seafood broth, tamarind, and chili.

These treats of the street give high end restaurants a run for their money so don’t let the simple presentations fool you.

3.      Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Bangkok may be filled with murky waters but it is at the Khlong Lat Floating market that fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables are best bought.

Street foods are one of the main reasons people visit this part of Thailand’s capital. Docks are filled with local cheap eats which are definitely worth it when it comes to price-serving ratio.

The Tom Yum, which is a. mix of seafood stock, lime, and chili peppers. Food stalls started to lessen the level of spiciness recently in order to cater to tourists.

4.      Hawker Centers

The government of Singapore probably did all tourists a favor when they herded its street food vendors in to hawker centers.

Tourists will no longer have a hard time finding the best places to eat in Singapore, as all they have to do is go to one place and find everything when it comes to street food.

Singapore’s laws on cleanliness has influenced the hawker centers as street food are meticulously prepared under sanitary conditions. This makes the food presentable for social media posting.

A popular choice for tourists and locals alike are the Haianese Chicken Rice and the Chili Crab. 

Aside from that, there are various flavors from various cultures to choose from as Singapore is as culturally diverse as its southeast Asian neighbors.

5.      Saigon

Hanoi may be the economic capital of Vietnam but Saigon should be called the food capital. The streets of Saigon are dominated by motorcycle-riding commuters and food stalls on every corner.

Phở is the most popular dish in Vietnam and there is no better place to enjoy a bowl than in Saigon. This delicious soup is best eaten when garnished with chili peppers, Thai basil, and lime.

If you are on the go, you must grab a bánh mì and enjoy it while you walk the busy streets of Saigon. Bánh mì is a sandwich originating in Saigon where a slice of baguette is filled with a fusion of meat and vegetables.

Also try to grab a cup of Vietnamese Iced Coffee while you’re at it. Adding condensed milk makes it both creamy and refreshing.

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Reasons to travel.

Unveiling Travel Diary
Travelling is a sweet adventure for its keen lovers, offering them a luxury of opportunities and possibilities in new lands. Travelling is an eye-opener. Travelling is an explorer. Travelling is a thriller. Travelling is a shocker. Visiting new places and people is a loaded lot . It is a very rich package of fun, enlightenment, discovery, education and lots more. The prospect of travelling is a real thriller for many people, a juicy opportunity they can’t afford to trivialise. Memories that lay claim to our minds are often made in the period of widening our horizons in distant places.

Travelling is a fun-filled experience that leaves you with no option but to have a blast, learn many new things ranging from food, language to cultural mores and practices. A lot of awe-inspiring sights are contending for your attention. You get to see people doing things in their own unique way. You get to learn and unlearn. You get to reaffirm that cliche, ” variety is the spice of life”. Travelling is exhilaration at its very zenith.

Travelling undertaken for the purpose of sightseeing is not just a frivolity or way of frittering away one’s time. Knowledge is not exclusive to classrooms. Learning is not just a formal and deliberate activity. Visits to centres of attraction like monuments, beaches, museums, historical edifies, mountains, creeks and the like broaden the scope of your knowledge. You earn yourself a first-hand experience of places and people you probably have read about or seen on television. It is a moment to gather facts and statistics which might be very useful for future research or reference purpose.

My Adventure in the United Kingdom
Warner Bros Tour Studio: The Making of Harry Potter
Warner Bros Tour Studio offers a warm welcome into the mind-blowing magical world of Harry Potter. Warner Bros Tour Studio is a home to many awe inspiring and memorable sights, sounds and spots all seeking to unravel the mysteries surrounding the widely known and loved Harry Potter Films.

At Warner Bros Tour Studio, the visitors are afforded the juicy moments of going the behind the scenes of Harry Potter Film Set and exploring the original sets, props and costumes from all eight of the famous and ground-breaking Harry Potter Films. It will definitely amount to a delightful experience for the fans of Harry Potter and other visitors learning about the special effects and animatronics that made sets like Great Hall and Dumbledore’s office so magical.

Every moment at this world-renowned studio is full-filled, engaging and worthwhile.Visitors are afforded the luxury of visiting the Ministry of Magic where you launch out into Professor Umbridge’s office to learn about the mythical government that rules Harry Potter Community.

As part of the adventure, the visitors would take a walking tour along the famous cobblestoned pavements of Diagon Alley, thrilled by the sights of familiar – looking shops like Gringotts Wizard Bank that was featured in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, Wizard Wheezes, Eeylops Owl Emporium, Ollivanders Wand Shop, Flourish and Blotts and the Wesley.